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    Default Layered Skirts

    Im looking to know how much these skirts would go around (in coins) and how much would you pay for one if you were a buyer. =)

    Beige Layered Skirt
    White Layered Skirt
    Orange Layered Skirt

    The Layered Skirts are the old ones from the Vault, not the ones from the Coin Shop.

    -waiting opinions-
    Thanks. =)

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    Default Re: Layered Skirts

    Well, the white Layered Skirt is from a tcg questline; so, it wouldn't go for that much.
    Maybe 25k-50k tops. =D

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    Default Re: Layered Skirts

    I sold mine for like 50k The White one
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    Default Re: Layered Skirts

    Your orange one can for for 300-350k
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