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Title: Lag Issues...

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    Default Lag Issues...

    Okay so,
    whenever im on free realms and Im on my internet its VERY slow.. I dont know what the problem is.. I just got this computer and let me tell you something it WASNT cheap. So I really dont think its the computers problem.
    Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?
    Has anyone had this problem?
    I rly dont know wht to doo xD

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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    There have been a lot of cases of lag in the game. But you can always go to the Settings in-game. Video>Video graphics> and lower all your texture and quality bars (the bars are slid to the left). The game generally runs faster and you get less lag. Of course when you re-log into the game things such as backgrounds will be blurred and you won't get exact details but it does help with lag. Other than that, sense you said you got a new computer your computer may just have to get settled into compatibility with the new game that has been installed in its hardware.
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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    It's not your computers problem. It's your INTERNET'S problem.

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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    Well, if you're on FR and the Internet, why don't you try not being on the Internet while you play? It (might) be it can only handle one broswer thingy at a time. Did you try to restart you're computer and then go on again? And if it's still lagging with no Internet, I suggest doing what Pinktree said, putting your friends list to guild list, stay out of crowded places and maybe get a friend list wipe. I did get a wipe and ALWAYS have my friend list on guild list (Even though I only have 34 friends, it helps) it should cause the lagging down on only FR.

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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    I guess it would also depend on what you're doing on the Internet. I listen to music on YouTube a lot and it lags sometimes to point of freezing, but it comes back a few seconds later. And my Internet isn't that great either.

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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    Sometimes when a game that takes up alot of space (Fr) it lags your computer alot, it happened to me. The C drive is the one that Fr ONLY works on, i think the C drive is that main drive and when the C drive storage is low and Fr takes up alot of space then that happens. You can also try adjusting your resolution IG, if you go to options and jsut mess around a bit with the settings it should be a bit better! Good luck!
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    Default Re: Lag Issues...

    Turn your graphics low it will be blurry but helps


    Turn of internet pages
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