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Title: Jobs problem

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    Default Jobs problem

    yesterday was the actualization of the game (idk how to say it in different way), after they finished it I have logged in and then I realized that all of my jobs that was blocked (because I'm not a member, and I was playing up to finishing fourth level) get unlocked. I was so happy and I just wanted to try it. I have choosen ninja, and played a minigame with it, but it's level didn't change to fifth. Why? Is it a glitch?
    Thanks all for answer and sorry for my horrible english I still have to work on it.

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    Default Re: Jobs problem

    I know that all member restrictions were taken off, but it must be a small glitch. They may or may not fix it, or maybe you didn't gain any/enough experience.

    Code: Breaker is awesome.
    The stupid gif isn't working.
    I know it's small.

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