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    Default Jackpot plants

    When will Jackpot plants return to sc shop. I am a builder and I need extra help with the money to buy blocks. Can't get them from fighting. Everything is so expensive in FR. Would be nice if you could make items for multiple use. Have you seen IMVU game. In this game, once you buy a table, it is forever in the inventory and one can decorate multiple houses with the same table. Considering fact that most of the FR players depend on their parents, it would be nice to have that feature there. And I miss red polka dot blocks. Pls, return them. Thanks :

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    Default Re: Jackpot plants

    This is one of those questions that you are not going to find an answer for here. We love to help with the "how to" of things, but only SOE is going to have any idea of what will be a part of future game content. I would suggest posting this to the FROF where game staff and devs will be more likely to see it.

    Slightly OT, but since you brought it up, why can't you make coin in combat? Are you not a member? Most people that get into building are members since houses and lots cost SC, and many housing items are members only.
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