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    Default Jackpot Plants

    I was wondering how much coins they give each try.

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    Default Re: Jackpot Plants

    Im Pretty sure 200c although it might be 100c.

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    Default Re: Jackpot Plants

    i think its 50c although im not sure
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    Default Re: Jackpot Plants

    If you're watering someone else's jackpot plant you get 50 coins. you can only water 25 plants from other players a day and you can only water the same plant for 15 minutes unless it is yours. you can only water your once and get coins for it. you'll get 1000 coins plus a bonus if you have other people water it. if it's your plant you can water it as much as you like, except you'll only get coins on the first try each day. You can water other plants even if you have one of your own

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