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    Default jack pot plants

    A new blog entry has been added:

    [drupal=2135]jack pot plants[/drupal]

    How many coins does a jack pot plant give you.
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    Default Re: jack pot plants

    this answers your question..
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    Default Re: jack pot plants

    A jackpot plant that you own yourself can give 500 coins per day for when it is in small plant stage, then 700 coins for medium plant stage, and then 1000 coins for when it is a full grown Jackpot Plant!! This process goes on for 30 days.

    Also, you can get 50 coins for watering your friends jackpot plants, and you can help water up to 25 plants in 24 hours.
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    Default Re: jack pot plants

    when you do it once it gives you 50 coins!
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