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    Default IR RE: FRI TCG PRT

    Sorry about the silly title, but I hoped it might get your attention

    Anyway, I really don't want to miss the TCG Party this Friday but, despite spending an almost unhealthy amount of time trying to find out, I am still not sure exactly what time the party starts!

    & no, I am not totally dense - well not all the time anyway - I did read the whole announcement & I did see that the time is written there very clearly this...

    The TCG Party will take place on April 16th - at 7:59pm ET (4:59 PT) to 11:00pm ET (8:00pm PT)
    However, the problem is that I live in the UK & I have searched through loads of sites, applications & books but none of them will let me convert to/from ET or PT as they all use either EST or EDT & PST or PDT. (&, yes, I could work it out by entering the location but, as I don't know where FRI is based, that doesn't help me either )

    So, please, can somebody help me?

    All I would like to know is this...

    If the event starts at: 7:59pm ET 4:59pm PT

    What time does it start in GMT (London) ?

    & yes, I know this should be simple - & yes I do feel stupid having to ask but in the end I decided I'd rather look stupid now than risk missing the event by getting the time wrong

    &, lastly, did anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of abbreviations, acronyms & intitialisms that I had to use in this topic? Seriously, they were really starting to DMI Plus, speaking of intitialisms, is it just me, or does anyone else see FRI TCG &, for some reason, think TGI Fridays?

    Take care,

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    Default Re: IR RE: FRI TCG PRT

    ET is the same as EST thats what i got from it... lol no worries i was confused too...I had to ask my mom to help me out

    FR ROCKS!! and the soggy socks.....

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    Default Re: IR RE: FRI TCG PRT

    I have the same problem but ET/EST/EDT is 5 hours behind and PST/PT/PDT is 8 hours behind. So basically the party starts a One in the morning lol.
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