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Title: Insiders Help

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    Default Insiders Help

    I really want to join the <Insiders> guild soon but there's one problem, I don't know how many people are in this guild and if there isn't 100 hundred people I would really like to know because my person or character ( Epic Insider) would like to join the guild so if you can please tell me how many people are in this guild it would really help and I would really appreciate it.

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    well first of all you need 50 HELPFUL posts (right now i see you have 33) also if the people havent logged on with in 2 weeks they get kicked out of the guild also there are sister guilds such as INSIDERS and insiders hope i helped!

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    You need to have 50 helpful posts, which is any post not in Are you Game, Open Mick or Head to the Pollz sections. You need to have been on the site for 2 weeks. You must respect the rules of Free Realms. You must be an active member of the community. You must post your name on the application thread after you fufill the above requirments. The Thread is Here
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    also you dont get to pick which insiders guild you join. Ashley just tries to fill empty spots where needed

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    Default Re: Insiders Help

    There is 100 people in the first one, INSIDERS, but they have 2 more, Insiders and insiders. You're still a part of FRI no matter which one you're in though! I think there is 84 or something like that in the second one, which I'm in. And you have to have all the requirements that Myth said.

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    Lol, your name is Epic Insider before you're even an Insider? Epic!
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    Default Re: Insiders Help

    I think getting inside <INSIDERS> is the least of your worry right now, most probably you should try to up your posts to 50 then apply. Hopefully they let you in.

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