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Title: image URL?

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    Default image URL?

    hi guys i wanted to ask that when you are writing a message to some1 in fri how do you put pictures on
    i first copyed and pasted but that never worked so then i whent upload image and then it asked for a URL? i dont really no wat that is but i wrote the image name and it came up the image but with a cross on it can some1 help me plz!!!!!!

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    Default Re: image URL?

    If it asks for a URL it generally wants the address of where the image is located, for example:
    This is an image URL.

    Copy the entire URL of your image into the upload box and upload it.

    Another way to upload an image to a post is using the [img] tags.To do this, go to Photobucket or Image Shack (or into your FRI album) and grab the [img] code. One looks like this:
    PHP Code:
    copy the [img] coding and paste it into your post

    Hope that helped
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    Default Re: image URL?

    If you uploaded a picture to you photo albumn here on insiders, then you can go to the albumn it is in and click on the picture... Here is an image of what you will see....

    Copy the code ihat shows under the picture, in the field where it says BB code and paste it into you post, when you submit the post the photo should show up.

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