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    Icon4 I spent my SC, but it's not there!

    Well, I spent $20 on SC so I could buy things, and I wanted a Doberman whistle, so I got the right card pack. But it's not anywhere! I looked all over and it's not there! Is this supposed to happen or something???


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    Default Re: I spent my SC, but it's not there!

    Hmm? I can't seem to understand the question.

    So did you say you bought a Shattered Past booster thinking you would get a Doberman?

    If that's the case, you can redeem boosters in the TCG menu under the "Collections" screen and by clicking on the packs section.

    You aren't guaranteed to get a Doberman so just try to get more booster packs.
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    Default Re: I spent my SC, but it's not there!

    The card packs are in the TCG game. You can get into the TCG via the Game Guide and choosing to enter the TCG (the icon with three cards) at the bottom of the screen that shows up.
    Once in the TCG, click on the door at the bottom right corner of the screen, choose your Collections (little book), go to the Packs tab at the top, and then right-click the pack to open it.

    Once that's opened, you'll find the VR you got in the Virtual Rewards tab, right next to the Packs tab.

    A random Virtual Reward is given for each pack, so you are not guaranteed the VR you want.
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    Default Re: I spent my SC, but it's not there!

    you will buy another one or contact a ref ok?

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    Default Re: I spent my SC, but it's not there!

    Read the replies you got from Arielle and RP.

    If you want a guaranteed Doberman whistle, it would probably be easier for you to trade for it (with coins or unopened boosters) if you're a member.
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