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    Default I need help, badly.

    I've recently forgot my password for Free Realms, and when I say forgot my password, it says this Our records indicate that you have already used this function within the past 24 hours. Check your e-mail account after a brief time... most e-mails will be received in moments, but in some cases it can take several minutes or more. Which I don't remember this happening! What can I do to get a reset password back? Please help I want to play this game again

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    Default Re: I need help, badly.

    If you are not finding it in your regular mail, you may want to check your spam mail, on some mail services it will be called junk mail. It is not uncommon to have legit mails misdirected to that folder.

    Aside from that, your only real option is to directly call support since your inability to log in will prevent you from being able to submit a ticket.

    Sorry, I do not have that number at hand, but I'll see if I can't dig it up if you have trouble locating it on your own.
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    Default Re: I need help, badly.

    Had that problem with my old account, it keeps making me wait 24 hours each time, so I just made a new account.

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