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Title: I have a trouble logging in

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    Default I have a trouble logging in

    I keep getting a message when i try to log in Access to Free Realms requires an active account.
    Please contact Customer Support for assistance.

    I think i got banned for calling Zadira a *edited* two days agos with everyone watching me saying -reports-

    *edited - please do not post foul language, if it is inappropriate for Free Realms, it's inappropriate to post here.
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    Default Re: I have a trouble logging in

    Indeed you were banned.

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    Default Re: I have a trouble logging in

    Yep, you were banned. However I have no idea if it is a permanent or temporary ban. Also, do you think maybe you deserve this ban? It is stated many times that cursing has no place in Free Realms. While I understand being frustrated with someone in game I never curse. In my opinion there are worse punishments for cursing. Such as being permanently muted and being forced to never chat with your friends again. I made the mistake of cursing once on another game and suffered the punishment. While at the time I wasn't happy I know understand that this punishment taught me a well needed lesson.
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    Default Re: I have a trouble logging in

    I'm sorry to hear that): Saying what you said isn't worth being banned. Say it to yourself, lol. I hope you aren't banned permanent

    This ends on a good note.

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