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    Default I cant record videos.

    When I push the record button then it says that : Error capturing video, memory limit exceeded.
    But I just deleted all videos from there.

    I really don't know whats the problem.
    Please help!

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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    Have you recorded before? If no (and this is your first time), I suggest you have at least 2 GB of RAM memory to record video. You can also try different types to recording programs like Hypercam or Camstudio.

    If you recorded before, then try closing other programs, besides Free Realms. To do that, right click on taskbar and choose Start Task Manager. Go to tab saying Processes. Then look under the Memory tab (in which it says stuff like 4.694 K etc.). Look for programs that have a big amount of that, and then click it, and select End Process.
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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    I think ~700MB of RAM (terms may be inaccurate) is required to efficiently run Video Capture. You can see your RAM available by opening your Start Menu, hitting the R key, typing dxdiag, and checking the numbers in the Page File and Memory fields. (I think...)
    Deleting unnecessary files, such as pictures, videos, music, etc., or moving them to an external hard drive can help increase your available RAM.

    I could be completely wrong, though...
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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    Make sure you have enough space to record it. (Like Monkies said)

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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    Well I am having same problem and am wondering what is this ram program and am wondering where it is and where to download it because I am wanting to make a video but it won't let me and I am just beginning on videos but when I tried to do thefirst video it keeps saying memory limit exceeded

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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    ok, so i have the same problem and i click record and it says "memory limit exceeded". and i did the thingy where you click "r" and look at your ram status and mine is at 983 and i heard that it takes 700 ram to do the videos! and i did troubleshooting but i could not find my answer and i just really want to make videos! so someone plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!! help me solve this problem and help me fix it!!!

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    Default Re: I cant record videos.

    That happens to have to wait a couple of minutes, hours, days...

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