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    Default I cant launch free realms

    I am really sad i cant launch free realms i sent in a ticket and said earlier today i was on free realms and now i cant get on the tech support said it might be your antivirus but i dont have any of the virus protection listed i even disabled mine still no luck can anyone help,and everyone who responds to help can get a rep.

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    Default Re: I cant launch free realms

    Well Hi Morgan. Well If You Could be More Specific To What Shows Up I Might Be Able To Help. Also, Sometimes Its The Search Provider You're Having Troubles With. I Would Recommend Google Chrome Which Is The One I'm Using Right Now. Its Fast Awesome And Free. I Can Get On Free Realms Without Any Troubles. If You Need Further Help Feel Free To Send Me A Message And I Will get Back At You As Soon As Possible Thanks

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