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    Default How much is this worth?

    Yeah, so anyways. I basically dropped out of FR for 2 years and when I got bored and wanted to see what the devs had added in the past two years I noticed that my character still had a bunch of stuff, so what mostly concerns me is this armor that I have for the ninja class.

    It's called the elite black striking serpent armor.

    I'm not sure if I was supposed to post this here because I tried posting this same thread in the PC area of the forums, but it said that I lacked permissions.

    So, I suppose this is more of a PC. Administrators feel free to move this thread if you feel it is appropriate.
    Also please take a look at my other thread titled "trouble getting my account back" I really need some help with that.

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    Default Re: How much is this worth?


    1. You need 10 posts to post a PC or any other Free Market forums.

    2. I know that, that's rare just don't know what its worth.

    3. Also might want to get your Email out of your Siggy that is against the rules I believe.

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    Default Re: How much is this worth?

    NINJA elite black striking serpent gear usually 800k-1.5mil per piece (depends on buyer and/or seller) hoped i helped!
    Narwhales. Bai.

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