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    Default How Do You Send-A-Ticket?

    I Need To Send A Ticket.
    Because I Need to solve a parental password.
    Does anyone know?

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    Default Re: How Do You Send-A-Ticket?

    Quote Originally Posted by Firehawk894 View Post
    Go to
    Click on "Ask For Help".
    If it asks you to log in, do so. It's a trusted site run by SOE. No worries.
    Follow all directions on the next page to send your ticket!

    After sending your ticket, you will recieve a notification message that your ticket was recieved via the email you attached to your Free Realms account. It is with this same email address that you will recieve your response from a Referee or other SOE employee, regarding assistance with the matter.

    Be patient!

    SOE employees are real people. Depending on how busy they are with other tickets, it could take a few hours or even days to respond to yours.
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