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    Default How Do you change your house or lots name

    Hi On the new house thing you can vote on I see people with named lots and house How do they do that Can someone help me
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    Default Re: How Do you change your house or lots name

    Ok, Hi. (lol) to change your house's name, you go to that house and click the button next to the name of your home. It is on the very top. It usually says ______ Wilds House, Apartment, ______Lot, or any home you have.The names, however, are picked like how you pick a pet's name. EXAMPLE: Lets say I want to cange my Large Wilds House's name. I want it to be Lively Little Home. I go up where the red X is, click the pencil (edit button) and change the name to Lively Little Home. Hope that helps.

    P.S My Large Wild's House's name is Lively Little Home x] Hehe
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