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    Default How do you bid?

    So I found these great offers in the auction section that I could do, but when I clicked and looked for the bidding area, it wasn't there. Can someone please explain how you bid in the auction area?

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    Default Re: How do you bid?

    Basically the original thread should have 2 things:
    * A Start - Off
    * A Bid Increasment.

    Basically, when your in an auction, your goal is to offer MORE money than an other person.

    For Example :
    " I am auctioning my sport shades..
    I will start the pricing at around.. 500k.
    Bid Increasement - 10-20k.
    Begin Bidding!"

    Person 1 : I will start off at 500k.
    Person 2 : 520k!
    Person 3 : 530k!
    Person 1 : 550k!

    You getting the idea on how now?
    If it continues to confuse you, please reply saying your still confuse, and I will try to have some other experts to help..

    Good Luck!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: How do you bid?

    You need at least 10 posts to post in trades or auctions

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