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    Default How do I post a video?

    How do I post a video on the forums here?

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    Default Re: How do I post a video?

    Copy the URL of the video on the original site (if the video is on FRI, the URL will not work - you'll have to use the original uploading site, Youtube being a prime example). Paste the URL directly on the post. No need for BB codes of any kind.
    You can change the "title" that appears at the top of the video by putting the URL as a link in text.
    [ame=""]Example A[/ame]

    If you mean to put a video in the Video Directory, then simply head here and fill out the fields. If you want to reach it manually, go to the Video Directory, then click on the New Video image on the left of the page under the Directory Categories column.
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    Default Re: How do I post a video?

    First, you log on to FRI. Then you go to the video section. After that you click post a video and fill out the form( you need the video url Just post it in the area where you write your text nothing added just paste) Finally, click post and be prepared for your video to be watched

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