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    Default How do i make good stories

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make a good story because i can not make a single story that anyone will actually read

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    Default Re: How do i make good stories

    Well...Hmmmm....Use some creativaty....Id be happy to help you with anything I can!I can give you an idea below....
    Chapter 1 Katie oh Katie
    Johnny woke up to the dim light of the sun.He looked over at Lisa,his younger sister.
    "Wake up,"he said,whispering.
    "Wake up,"he said a little bit louder.
    "Wake up,"he said in his normal voice.Johnny sighed.
    "WAKE UP!"Johnny said,nearly yelling.
    "Im up...."Lisa said,in a tiny voice.
    "Im up.."Lisa said as Johnny hit her with a pillow.
    "IM UP!!!"Lisa said,kicking him in the stomach.
    "Fine,"Johnny said,getting out of the room and to the kitchen.Lisa had golden hair and green eyes,she was 5''3 and 15 years old.Johnny had brown and shabby hair with hazel eyes,he was 5''7 and 18 years older.

    Theres an idea for you.Hope I helped.Look at some of the stories I made.I made lots...Look at the DeeDee Dynamite ones.
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    Default Re: How do i make good stories

    I love writing, and would be happy to give some things that I look for in writing to declare it good (:

    1. Describe, describe, describe! Adjectives are wonderful things, ya know. Now, don't go make run-on sentences, but which sentence is better?

    I ate my bread.

    I quickly ate my soft white ginger bread.

    You get more information from the second one (: And for me, I like sentences that are more interesting xD

    2. Figurative Language: Similes, metaphors, idioms, Hyperbole, Euphemism, alliteration, personaification, onomatopoeia And yes, that is a word xD.

    3. Catch your readers attention! Don't even bother asking how I remember this, but back in 4th grade, my teacher said she had read a book and the first line was:

    I felt the hot tears streaming down my pale face as I ran from the flashing lights of the police.

    Does that not make you want to read it xD

    4. Don't clog up with people talking. Of course, people do communicate, and you can't change that, but get some setting and that kind of thing in too (:

    Writing is something that takes imagination as well. Just put creativity into it (: And remember, this isn't a writing site. People don't reply to ever single one, they're here for FR, not reading.

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