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    Default How Do I Make A Gif Into My Avvie?

    I want to use a .gif as my avatar, how do I do so? I'm pretty sure I saved it right. When I open the doc., it certainly is a gif. I want a MUDKIP hatchin'. Please help! If you want I can give ya a link. :3 I would have anyway because it shows a cute babbie mudkip. :3 As you can see, (^), all I have are three babbie mudkip eggs, but no babbie mudkips! I want some babbbbbies!!

    File:Mudkiphatching2.gif - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    You might have to copy/paste.

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    Default Re: How Do I Make A Gif Into My Avvie?

    I always find JPG works best... And if you have a Paint Shop Pro program or some other program like that you can always export is as a JPG or use the JPG optimizer option, changing the format of the picture... but that's only one option.. I have always had problems uploading any image as a GIF file and resorted to just changing the format to JPG so that I can.
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