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    Default How to delete FR entirely?

    Can anybody tell me how to delete all FR memories at this laptop so I can play FR again?
    Can we use another User to play FR normally?I really want to play FR..

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    Default Re: How to delete FR entirely?

    Huh? I don't get what you're trying to say.

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    Default Re: How to delete FR entirely?

    From the Start Menu, select Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs, and try to find Free Realms or Free Realms Installer in the list. Choose and confirm to uninstall it.
    That should get it uninstalled. To get rid of the leftover files, I used to hit Ctrl + F on My Computer and search for "free" or "realms", but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Instead, go to My Computer, select your computer/laptop's hard drive (or whatever it is; not your files, though), Program Files > Sony Online Entertainment > Installed Games > Free Realms. I believe you should find the Free Realms files in there.

    These files are on your computer, not your account, so using another account to play wouldn't make a difference if your computer is the problem. Why can't you play Free Realms?
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    Default Re: How to delete FR entirely?

    well you cna jus not play not be a meember and just make another account
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    Default Re: How to delete FR entirely?

    make another character

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