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    Icon1 How to change or personalize my Avatar!


    I noticed that other FRInsiders can change their avatar but I do not know how. Can someone please tell me how to do that because I want to personlize my avatar picture with a flower? I notice that there are different levels of FRInsiders and my level is an Explorer. Do I have to be a higher level in order to change it?

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    Icon2 Re: How to change or personalize my Avatar!

    If you dont know how to add your own personal avatar heres a picture
    Goto My Controls On free realms insider and you'll see Edit Avatar Click on that, scroll down and you should see what i see in the picture below
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    Default Re: How to change or personalize my Avatar!

    From a File
    Spoiler: show
    In the top right hand corner there are three links.One 'My Controls', Two 'Quick Links' and Three 'View New Posts'.You need One.Then click on 'Edit Avatar'.Then at the bottom it will say 'Use Custom Avatar', click the circle.Then click Browse for choosing your picture from a file on your computer.

    From an Album
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    Get the picture in a album click on 'Show all Albums', then at the bottom 'Add Album' then 'Upload Pictures'Copy the URL of the picture and go back to 'Edit Avatar' and Paste the URL into the URL box.
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    Default Re: How to change or personalize my Avatar!

    Click here. Scroll down to the near-bottom. Use Option 1 if the picture is on another website (and not here on FRI, that doesn't work). Use Option 2 if you have the picture saved on your computer.

    Explorer (10 posts) is the requirement for doing this, which you've already met.
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    Default Re: How to change or personalize my Avatar!

    If you haven't posted 10 posts or more (If you're not an Explorer rank), you can choose from 17 different pre-set avatars in "Edit Avatar". When you become an Explorer, you may upload your own pictures from the computer.

    Ehh, nevermind, I became an Explorer and I still don't have the second option... what's going on? How do you get that second option?
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