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    Default how can i send messages

    my friends are sending me messages but i dont know how to write to them back plz tell me in detail and very spcefic

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    Default Re: how can i send messages

    Sending messages in your inbox? Just click the Reply at the bottom of the message

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    Default Re: how can i send messages

    Well, if you're referring to your wall; then, you would go to their profile by clicking on their name and post a message on their wall.
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    Default Re: how can i send messages


    Im here to help you out, just like everyone else. <3

    What are you refering to? Private Messages (PM's) or Visitor Messages (VM's)

    1) Click the 'View Conversation' (You'll need to highlight it over with your mouse.)
    2) Click the text box.
    3) Then Just start typing!

    1) Click 'Settings'
    2) On the left side on the middlish there is Inbox, Sent Messages, and the files you've created.
    3) Click Inbox
    3) Click the message that is bolded
    4) Read the message (of course)
    5) Click the little white typing box under the layout message
    6) Start Typing!

    I hope this helps! =) If you have any other problems you can ask an Insider [I'd be happy to help!] and or an Moderator/administrator like Ashley. (:

    Hope this helps! >:]
    --Nicole ~ <3
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    Default Re: how can i send messages

    Nice post Nicole ^_^

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    Default Re: how can i send messages

    i started about a few days ago and i wanted to know how to POST Threads ...
    ~Tiff <3~
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