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    Icon5 How can I play PS3 Free Realms?

    I'm EXTREMELY, I repeat, EXTREMELY late about this. I just discovered right now that Free Realms has already been released for the PS3. I've decided to go back to playing Free Realms and foruming on FRI after a 6-month hiatus and I promise you guys that I'd be active again. I just found out that Sony released Free Realms on PS3, which I think is really cool. Do I need to download it from the Playstation Store or is it accessed through an Internet browser? Does it cost money?

    Oh, and can I use the account I already made on the PC version or do I have to create a new account?

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    Default Re: How can I play PS3 Free Realms?

    Not 100% sure but what I know is :

    1) You have to create a new account
    2) You download it from the PSN store for free

    You can read more about it here : Free Realms - What is New?

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