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    Default how can i change my name?

    how can i change my name in free realms??
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    Default Re: how can i change my name?

    Click the red [x] button in the top right hand corner, then click Ask For Help.

    Then click the green button that says [Ask Question]

    Then fill out the form, giving your current IGN and your top 5 choices for your new name.
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    Default Re: how can i change my name?

    Send in a ticket to a referee saying that you want to change your name.
    You can give out a first choice and a second choice in case the first choice is already taken
    Then you'll just have to wait til a referee changes it for you once your online

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    Default Re: how can i change my name?

    When you send in a ticket... Which is sent from your account page they will have a list of common questions that are asked... the name change is one of them but you can send in a list of 5 names you want and make sure they are appropriate when you "Ask for Help".. They do have guide lines for what the names can be changed to.. Nothing referring to anything lewd or anything they would see as revealing you real name or anything that can be seen as offensive or referring to death ( this name was as close as I could get to Grim Reaper ) ... And if the name you want is taken you can add a number or something after it to make it different from the one already taken... You can't capitalize the letters either because the only place they allow capitalized letters is at the beginning of your first and last name or for your Guild name and you cant use anything that would seem like gibberish or just all numbers either... But they have all that information there for you to read too.
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