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Title: How?

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    Default How?

    I was on a beach and i saw many ppl having adventurer with a shadowblade.And ninja shadowblade im talking!Not ceremonial or ballon,but normal shadowblade of dragonstrike
    Does anybody know anything about this?
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    Default Re: How?

    when you are a lvl 5 VIP you can equip combat items when you arent in your adventurer status

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    Default Re: How?

    Yes, Your Right, BUT People Still Often Use The Glitch, Its Not Very Complicated
    The Ref's Sent a Rumor Around That It Was Fixed, However It Still Works, and They Still
    Can NOT Figure Out How In the World It Even Became, it Started With Kaden,(Yes The famous One)
    and He Accidently Figured It out.. Never Told The Ref's Which Was a Big "No No" They Could Of Fixed It
    Then But It Got Worse. Other "Hackers" Found It, Improved The Bug, and Today it Still Roams Free Realms!
    The New Hacking System HAS Been Detected, So the "NEW" Hacking System For Sc Does NOT Work!, They are Working on It As We Speak.
    Hope it Helped,

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    Default Re: How?

    Quote Originally Posted by xsilvershamrockx View Post
    when you are a lvl 5 VIP you can equip combat items when you arent in your adventurer status
    No, you can't. You can equip combat clothes in adventurer state. However you can equip costumes on combat jobs.

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    Default Re: How?

    its the old changing gear glitch when they did not have vip junk.
    those were the days XD,
    sneaking OOB in snow hill... good times!

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