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    Icon5 Hippos gone???

    I dont find the hippos in the marketplace did they remove them from marketplace or what?

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    Default Re: Hippos gone???

    Hmm, try typing it on the Search and see if anything pops up. If nothing pops up. Then, they must have removed them.
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    Default Re: Hippos gone???

    Bummer! I'll have to look when I get in-game in a bit.

    This is the 2nd pet they've removed ... they got rid of the Triceratops too.
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    Default Re: Hippos gone???

    It seems highly unlikely that SOE would remove these pets without telling us, so they could squeeze cash out of us for these "Limited Time Only" pets. So... that aside, maybe it's a glitch? Perhaps SOE is planning to bring back the pet trainer job? I don't know. But I really don't think SOE intentionally removed these pets.

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    Default Re: Hippos gone???

    /omg WUT???

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