The guide to the battle levels
By Frank

Since some people may find this useful, I might as well make it! This is a quick easy guide to help you find out about the battling levels! It goes through the easiest, to the toughest! If you have any questions or concerns post them below!
P.S. Have any more info? VM/PM me! I'll be sure to give you credit for the info!

Bixies Hive:


Mob Spawners = 2
90-100+ Bixies
Mini-Bosses = 2
Boss = 1
Difficult = Easy
Coins/Stars Info:


At the end of the game you
should recieve a total of
200+ Stars

Each Mini Boss
Drops 56 coins w/o power
hour w/ power hour you
get 112 coins from each
At the end of the game you should receive
a total of 200+ Coins w/o power hour
w/ power hour it's 400+ coins.

Side Quest:
You have to rescue the
frightened Bixie Workers
There are 4 of them, and at the
end they give you only
level one colored gear.

Conclusion of Bixie's Hive Guide.

More to be added soon!