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    Icon9 Help with the tournaments!

    Are the tournaments here played on free realms? And one I entered said I needed to find boots- What are these boots?

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    Default Re: Help with the tournaments!

    They should be in game (most of them)

    The green work boots are just a random drop from somewhere in the game... or the coin shop. Not really sure though.

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    Default Re: Help with the tournaments!

    yes they are go to gme guide or it will give you a notice

    There are tcg tournaments. You go to the game guide on the right bottom corner and press the tcg button. When you get to the main screen on the bottom right corner there is a botton that looks like a door. You press it and a list comes of what you want to do. You press the trophy button and it takes you to a tcg tournament. You can get prizes. There should not be anything that says you need to find boots.
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