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    Default Help with resetting password

    Hey everybody! Its glad to see FR is back up and running again but I have a problem. When I entered my original log in info. it said I needed to rest my password. Ok, so I went and made a new one and it didn't like it. Then I clicked on the little circle with the question mark inside it and it says, "your new password would be like the second half of your original password plus your station name?" I am so confused. Can anyone please help me with this?

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    Default Re: Help with resetting password

    They want you to use a COMPLETELY different password.
    It's much easier/faster to crack a password if you already know half of it.
    If your entering a new password that doesn't contain any of your original's words and it's still telling you this, it must be something messed up on their end.

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    Default Re: Help with resetting password

    I had problems too. The password reset fields were just space and any where near the words was numb!! I was on Firefox - went to IE. For those that can't see them, the fields are in the center of the box on the same row as the title - (first one Old Login - go to the center and click to get the field)

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