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    Default Help please with Album

    So FRI only accepts jpg. But if I save in it it loses LOTS of color and looks like a comic book, it won't even let me upload it to the thread because of how big it is (not size wise but the actual size not mb)

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    Default Re: Help please with Album

    You could try going to a website such as or and give it a color boost and downsize the photo. Or even better if you have Gimp on your computer or any photoshop, you can do it with that.

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    Default Re: Help please with Album

    Unless things have changed, the only format that can't be uploaded should be .bmp (out of .bmp, .png, .jpg, and .gif). I suggest using .png since it should be accepted by FRI and the quality reduction is almost unnoticeable. That's for those that are less edit-y, though, like me.
    As for the dimensions, I really don't think there's a limit on it... not after viewing an album picture that still filled my screen at 10% Zoom.
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    Default Re: Help please with Album

    It also Accepts Gif Files. This website automatically converts my Pictures into Gifs when I put it into my Avatar or Signature......

    Gifs don't look any less detailed
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    Default Re: Help please with Album

    Any image website works fine, , etc.
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