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    Default HELP my computer is TOO slow

    OK idk what is wrong with my computer its a new dell inspiron with the i5 stuff... and yesterday it was loading stuff sort of kind of fast, but NOW it took 30minutes to load LakeShore and 5minutes to switch servers! How can I speed up my computer?
    Thanks in advance XD

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    Default Re: HELP my computer is TOO slow

    Well, I seem to be having the same problem. You said you had a new dell inspiron with the i5 stuff. But do you have a good enough video/graphics card to play free realms properly? Try checking if you are on a mac or if you are on a windows computer. These two pages will tell you the system requirements to play the game. Can you please reply back and tell me if you meet these requirements? Also, tell me your computer specs. With these two pieces of information, I may be able to help you.
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