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Title: Help!

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    Default Help!

    how do i change my profile background with the pic i want it to be? plz somebody help me

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    First, go to My Profile at the top of your screen. It'll look like the picture above. 8]

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    Then, look to the right side of your profile where it says "Customize My Profile" and click the button. In the picture above, it's above the "View your "About Me" as seen by everyone else" link.

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    Now it should look like the picture above. CLick the little colored square next to "Page Background".

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    This little box will pop up. 8] Now you can switch to using an image by clicking the button next to the "Use Image" text. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Default Re: Help!

    You go to your profile and click "Customize Profile" in the top right hand corner. For the background, you go find the heading that says General and under there there should be a blue square and beside it, it says Page Background.

    Click the blue square, and then click "Use Image" and paste the image URL there. Then you can decide whether you want it repeating or not by clicking the drop down box near the word "repeat". After you do all that, click submit and then the green save button at the top of the screen.
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    Default Re: Help!

    Here's a nice guide for customizing your background (:
    You can also use an image in your album

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