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Title: HELP!!!

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    Default HELP!!!

    ok, so i got an email from fr for the soe super days or whatever, so i clicked on it and it brought me to i had to make a new account on to get station cash, and when i did, i got 2,500 sc. HOW DO I GET THE STATION CASH INTO FREEREALMS? i already bought it, but i'm really mad. they didn't give us an activation code and i was hoping there's somebody out there who knows how to do this. please help me!
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    Default Re: HELP!!!

    If you made a new account, I believe the SC would be on that new account. Online-bought SC doesn't come with an activation code since it can be added to your account right there. If you want to get the SC on your actual account or get a refund, I think the best way would be to send in a ticket describing your situation.
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    Default Re: HELP!!!

    The SC should be on your account but you may have to redeem a certain code... hope this helps

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