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Title: HELP.

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    Default HELP.

    A new blog entry has been added:


    Hello Guy's. I want to ask you how to put sound (music) to my videos. If you will help I will try to make you a STAR.
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    Default Re: HELP.

    Hi there! What program are you using to create your videos? I use Windows Movie Maker. It is not the best program to use but it is pretty simple to add music to the movie files. Is this what you meant?

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    Default Re: HELP.

    If your using Movie Maker is very easy to add music.

    Open Windows Movie Maker > drag video clip into it
    Then put video into free squares (time line )
    Next put music you want to add into Movie Maker and drag song on to video clip

    The First bar show video clip audio volume
    Second your song volume

    If you want to remove music/sound from Video
    Click on Video Bar then > Clip (in upper taskbar ) Audio and then pick up option you want

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