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Title: help!

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    Icon2 help!

    whats the time difference between pacific and central time

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    Central is ahead two hours.
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    Well, there are four time zones in the lower 48 states. I start over in California where it is Pacific time and then move over to Colorado where it is Mountain Time and then to Texas where it is Central Time and then to New York where it is Eastern Time to kind of clarify where I am thinking of.

    That is how I calculate it in my head. You have to know where your state is to be able to figure out where you are.

    So if an event is going to take place at 3 PM Pacific Time then I count forward one hour to the time where I am. I am in Mountain Time so the event would start at 4 PM for me. If I were in the Central Time area then it would be 5 PM and the Eastern Time would be 6 PM.

    If the event states that it is going to begin at 6 PM Eastern Time then I would count backward an hour for each area. 5 PM Central, 4PM Mountain and 3 PM Pacific.

    Have I made it clear as mud?

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