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    Icon8 HEEEELP, how do you put an IN GAME PICTURE in your post???

    Hi guys!

    Look, I feel that I'm getting kind of Dumb for not asking this SPECIFICLY in the first place...
    I GOTTA know how to post a picture from INGAME (And I MEAN EVERY GAME)

    I know how to post pics from google, photobucket, and my documents, but REALLY, my brain is fried...


    Please, and thank you.



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    Default Re: HEEEELP, how do you put an IN GAME PICTURE in your post???

    Method Number 1 in this guide (How to: Pictures in Freerealms!) will help with taking pictures on the computer, regardless of what's on it.
    To post them on this forum, you should read this (How to: Posting Pictures and Albums to Free Realms Insider).
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: HEEEELP, how do you put an IN GAME PICTURE in your post???

    Not to gank the post, but if you've got Windows 7 you can alternatively use something called the "Snipping Tool" to actually select specific parts of the screen you want, bypassing the "Prt Scr" key method. I tend to use it because I run two monitors and copy/pasting a huge image and then cropping it.

    This tool can be found in C:\Windows\system32
    The name of the file (because you might want a shortcut) is "SnippingTool.exe" (no spaces)

    It can also be reached via the run command (Windows Key + R) and typing in "snippingtool" Again, no spaces.

    The cons to this are if you're trying to take pictures fast, and the white-masking overlay it gives might slow stuff down.
    On the up side, it is just like the Prt Scn, copy/paste method without having to do anything but click and save.
    Also, just like using the Prt Scn key, it will capture UI elements that F12 does not, such as the radial selection menu.

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