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    Default Halloween Costumes

    Hi, just wanderin when the Haloween Costumes Come Out. And how much do they cost?
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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    My guess is somewhere around 300-400 SC and If I remember correctly about a few weeks before Halloween and they stayed a few weeks after also.
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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    Probably around 400-500 Station Cash.
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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    Last year they started showing up a few weeks before Halloween. Each week they would release some more costumes. Hopefully this year they will release some for in-game coin as well as SC. They also give some costumes as rewards from quests.
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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    Yes, I think Firehawk looked it up and he said it started about the 10th last year. It was so much fun. I hope we get to trick or treat again. I loved getting candy in our little treat bags!

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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    theyre out now and cost either sc or you can get them from halloween quests at random
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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    Please stop bumping old threads. I am pretty sure he has relized that there are costumes in the Marketplace by now. If not well then there is a problem...

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    Default Re: Halloween Costumes

    The Vampire and Werewolf Packs cost 800 SC, and the regular costume (without the accessories) is around 400 SC

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