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    Icon11 A Guide To Farming In Free Realms

    If you want to be a good farmer, then you better check out farming, Free Realms style! First, go check out you new farm! Go to your Housing Window and there should be a slot called Wilds Farm. Click on that to get started. When you get to your new farm, it will be very musty and dirty. Talk to Farmer Chug and he will tell you to go pull some weeds from the soil. You can do that buy going up to the weed, and either clicking on it or by pressing x. You also have rocks and tress in your farm. These can be blown up or dug out by increasing your farming level, which can go up to 20. Each few levels you may get new tools for your farm. You can increase your farming level by planting various crops like Bumbleberry or Rainleaf! Do plant a crop you must go out into the FR world and collect different plants that will be laying around. Once you get plants, put them in your Farm-o-matic, which is a machine that turns samples into seeds, then go to the Coin Shop, and buy Basic Topsoil, which costs a tiny amout of 90 coins. Go back to your farm, place the topsoil down buy pressing the Plan button at the bottom of your screen. Click on the topsoil and then place it in your desirable location. Then, press on the topsoil and select the seed you wish to plant. It may take a very short time to harvest, or a very LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time to harvest. It depends on the crop. You can water your plants buy going to the Tool Shed, which you can get all different tools out of, and selecting the Watering Can. Then, go to your Well that came with your farm and press on it. Your Watering Can should fill up. Then, go to your crop and press on it to water it. Sometimes, your crop might get infected by fungus or get smashed by rabbits. Do get the fungus to move out of your plant, go to the Coin Shop and buy Fungus Killer, then go to your tool shed and select the Fungus Killer tool. Then spray it on your plant. To get rid of rodents, just go up to them and click on then to scare them away. Sometimes if you pull weeds, more will appear but don't worry, you can just pull them out of your soil just like you did when you first visited your farm! When you level up, you will sometimes get merchants, which will buy your crops from you, that pop up in you crate. This is where all your merchants are. If you have all the crops they want, click on the crate and then on your desired merchant, and then at the end of the game, you can get a reward. You can also level up your farmer by doing the quests that Farmer Chug offers you. Well, don't just stand here and read this, go try out farming, Free Realms style!
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