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Title: Groups..

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    Icon8 Groups..

    How do you matian a group and how do you make one?

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    Default Re: Groups..

    When you click on someone, or go to them on your friends list, you can select "invite to group"
    If you were the first to invite, you will be the group leader.
    The group leader can add or remove anyone from the group
    If you want to leave, click the red "x" by your avatar pic in the lop left of the screen.
    When you are in a group and you go into a battle, they will recieve an invite to join you.

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    Default Re: Groups..

    its not really that hard and you dont really maintain it...its basically what Banana King said
    also, if you were the 1st person to accept an invatation to a group and the leader quits, you become the leader

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