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Title: Groups

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    Icon5 Groups

    If you want to MAKE a group here are some simple steps.

    1. Go to your profile
    2. Scroll down until you see "GROUPS"
    3. Click "ALL GROUPS"
    4. In the space that says "MY GROUPS"
    5. Click "NEW GROUP"

    If you want to JOIN a group here are some simple steps.

    1. Do steps 1-4 from the MAKE a group
    2. Look on the side of the page that has groups
    3. Click on a group you would like to join or press the "JOIN" button
    4. Sometimes it will ask if you would like to join, think about it for more than a second
    5. Some groups need to have you allowed, you might need to wait to be accepted to the group

    There's the steps to groups on FRI.
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    Default Re: Groups

    You can also go to community, then to groups, the click "Create New Group" Or something like that...

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