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    Default Great Resources for FR

    It's amazing to me how many people could get their question answered if they'd just do a bit of research instead of posting yet again a question that is easily obtainable on your own [edited - this area is for asking questions and seeking help. Even if it is the 44th time the question has come up. ~Ashley Preciousfable]

    To start with, do a search on these forums. Since you're here already. FRI is a place I found early by googling for help on FR, and I've never left. Hidden within these forums, but easily obtainable by 5 minutes of searching, you can get answers to 90% of the questions that I see asked here weekly.

    Google it. Type the name of the quest/collection/question, etc. "put it in quotes like this" and then add "freerealms" in quotes like this. Follow some links.

    ZAM is your friend. This has answers to a lot of stuff, particularly regarding jobs, quests, collections, keys, tickets, tower defense games, etc.

    The forums at ZAM and at the official Sony forums are not so well developed or entertaining as here, but are good places to double-check for info.

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    Default Re: Great Resources for FR

    The somebody help section is designed for people to ask those questions (Yes, even "where is the ninja trainer?"). Even if the answer is out there, it can be difficult to find it at times or perhaps they do not understand the way it was explained and need a little extra help.

    Or sometimes, they can be effected by a bug and will not know until they ask.

    Thanks for the resources, but I'm going to close this thread as this section is for questions.

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