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    Default Getting Boy Items

    When I spun the coin wheel, it landed on a goblin. I got a boys hoodie! It also happened when I landed on an item when I won "Crafty Robogoblins"! I am a girl! What is going on?
    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: Getting Boy Items

    no fret.. it is sometimes like that.. and boys get girl's item too! you cant wear em though. all you can do is trade them.

    <Blood Wolf>
    I am looking for complete, black elite archer and warrior set. PM if selling.

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    Default Re: Getting Boy Items

    You could just sell it in the coins shop or some thing you can get some thing better the next day
    UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot.nothing is going to get better.It's not

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