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    Icon6 Frost Grenade?

    I saw somebody offering a TCG reward code for frost grenades. What do they do?

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    Default Re: Frost Grenade?

    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: Frost Grenade?

    oh they're fun!
    use them in a dungeon and it does sorta like a wizard can it says, the enemy freezes for five seconds while you beat on them!
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    Default Re: Frost Grenade?

    Also, you get 10 of them when you claim a single card.

    Just thought ya might wanna know. :3

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    Default Re: Frost Grenade?

    that pretty much sums it up
    I quit...

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    Default Re: Frost Grenade?

    frost grenade omg thats awesome btw fRoG
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