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Title: Friends

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    Is there a maximum number of friends you can have? I have only around over 500, but is there a maximum number? If so, how many?
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    There is a Max number. I think it is around 999, or more. I got like almost 800 friends!
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    Not really, I know a few people who have 1400. But, now i'm contradicting Debbie... eh, don't listen to me. But I really do know some people who have more than a thousand.

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    Megnesium had around 10,000 before she got bugged, and she had tons of people deleted.
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    There is no limit on the amount of friends you have. Although, having such a large number of friends usually causes immense lag. It also adds to the chance of your account getting bugged. Hope that answers your question! Cheers!
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