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Title: Friends 0/0

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    Default Friends 0/0

    hey guys, when i was log in, and i was received a message says : Friendlist Load Error and bla bla bla..idk... and I got a MINOR chat lagg ._. is this only happen to me?
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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    nope not only you ritz.. same here also... and i cant talk either!!!! i tried logging off and signing back in but its the same thing still.. so i logged off completely.. bummer

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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    yea... guildchat, whisper and yell don't work. FL shows 0 friends I just got message "unable to access friends server.. (something something)"

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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    you have to add someone as your friend then you get to see your list again

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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    Oh ya, that happened to me and, like ceres27 said, even after I logged on again that's what happened. I forget how I got it to go away though, lol. I think it only happens around updates or something, maybe ... All I know is that it will start to work again, but idk when ... O_O
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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    UMMM.. add someone and the freind list would come to the talking is a normal glitch.....
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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    Free Realms really seemed quite glitchy yesterday... had to log off and on several times. Maybe they need to do some spring cleaning. LOL

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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    that has happened to me bunches of times.

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    Default Re: Friends 0/0

    its quite usual for me...happened like 5-6 times to me..

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