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    Icon8 Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    Well usually I am great at giving my friends advice but I can never figure out my own problems so this is when you guys come in. Well one of my best buddies has fallen head over heels for this guy she met on freerealms. After only a week of knowing each other I get word that they are officially dating. It kinda upsets me because I really don't approve of internet dating but I really want to be happy for her and not seem like a doggie downer. Now I have told her my thoughts but she still seems so determined to date him. He subtley hits on me and some of her other friends but she thinks hes just joking, like on skype I mentioned something about my profile picture and hes like "Hey maxi....I just realized...we aren't friends on skype ". And you have to be friends to see pictures and stuff. Do you think I am over reacting or do you think there is another way to confront her?

    Thanks for reading and helping me out...

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    Default Re: Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    It is always hard to see the people we care about headed for heartbreak. My advice to you would be to share your feelings without sounding athoritive. The rest is truly up to her.

    Safety matters though. If she is going to sneak off and see some one she never met and only know by a picture and computer IT IS NOT WISE.

    Then I would mention this to an adult.

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    Default Re: Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    First of all - if you are not comfortable speaking with that person you need to tell her. Just state "I am not comfortable talking with this person, I would rather not be invited to these conversations" she may be hurt to hear this but you need to be honest about this. You should never ever be forced to speak with someone online that you are not comfortable with and if you feel something is going on that is wrong within Free Realms - report it!

    Secondly, Dmpdm is right. If she is entering a relationship with someone she does not know and giving out information to him from outside of Free Realms you should tell an adult (an older sibling, parent, teacher, etc) that you trust about this. You have told her you do not think it is appropriate or safe - now it is time to tell someone else.

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    Default Re: Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    Parents need to get involved.

    It's just too dangerous to be giving out personal information to people who you really don't know. A week of online talking will get you to know only what they other person wants you to see. A facade. It's not who the real person is.

    To use me as an example. In school, I idolized this group of guys. I wanted to be in their group so bad. I thought they were the coolest ever. When I grew up, I found out the the guy I idolized most, cried sometimes at home because it was so tough keeping the Facade up around the guys.

    What I'm trying to say is that you can't KNOW someone from chatting online for only a week. Be careful.
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    Default Re: Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    Very inappropriate and dangerous! Tell her the truth and tell her how dangerous it is. Just do your best to get her out of the relationship. But don't do something that will make her think that your trying to steal him(I'm getting this all from my sis, helpful right now). If you do that could be the end of you and her being friends.

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    Default Re: Friend Advice...(Freerealms Related)

    I agree with the others. And you'll be doing the right thing by letting an adult know. She may not like it for awhile, but she'll realize later that it probably saved her.

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