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    Default Freezing and Chatting

    Everytime I want to like change my clothes, FR freezes and the computer says it's not responding. Then everytime I'm on my ride, the chat isn't working that well. Can someone tell me why? Has this happen to you?

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    Default Re: Freezing and Chatting

    It happens to me A LOT Its Porbably SOE Having Difficultys.. Which they Seem To have A Lot But, It Could Be Our Systems As Well..

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    Default Re: Freezing and Chatting

    It's probably lag....
    The same thing used to happen to me with my old computer. -.-

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    Default Re: Freezing and Chatting

    I get lag in Seaside or anywhere a lot of people are chatting. My computer gets confused & thinks I'm using the keyboard commands. I type 2 letters and the atlas will pop up, a couple of words & the about me section opens up. I don't really do alot of chatting but the clothing thing would drive me Bonkers.Wish I could tell you something to help but idk.(I don't know).

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