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    ok i have done everything wht now? plz tell me i am so confused on wht to do now plz help me.

    one of the things that is helpful is that you need to do everything that theywant you to most of it
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    Default Re: freerealmsinsiders

    You need to help 50 helpful posts.
    You also need to be a member for 2 weeks.

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    you has to respect the rules..... and if you want you can create a social group just for fun :3 lol or you can just make friends and meet new people
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    Hi Dean!
    Welcome to Free Realms Insider!
    Everyone is giving great advice. You might also want to start by posting at this thread to introduce yourself and let us get to know you a little

    And here is the help thread... you can post if you need help or you can help others by replying on their threads.

    Most of all... have fun!!!

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    ya ya ya ya it has lots of fun!
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    You have to accept the rules, Then be a member for Two weeks, and 50 helpful posts!

    I am not even half way there lol.

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